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SC Doctors' Voice Heard on Capitol Hill

AID Executive Director Marni Jameson Carey met with U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham’s aides in March to discuss the four-key health-care moves that would not only be good for South Carolina’s doctors, but that would also greatly reduce health-care costs and improve access. AID’s message: Stop consolidation, increase transparency on health-care costs, eliminate facility fees, and stop nonprofit hospitals from abusing their tax-exempt status. These four moves would save hundreds of billions of dollars nationwide, and be healthy for independent doctors. Pictured from left, Carey with Legislative Aide Adair Bramlett and Senior Counsel Nick Myers.

Sisters of Charity allege double-cross by Palmetto Health in $50 million lawsuit

The State | By John Monk | Aug. 18, 2016

    The Sisters of Charity, who once owned Columbia’s former Providence Hospital, have sued Columbia’s Palmetto Health hospital system, alleging the health giant stole Providence’s valuable orthopedic practice worth $50 million.

    The Sisters of Charity seek not only $50 million, but also punitive and other damages for the loss of Moore Orthopedic Clinic – additional damages that could wind up costing Palmetto Health hundreds of millions of dollars, were it to lose the lawsuit.

    The lawsuit pits two iconic Columbia hospitals – Palmetto and Providence – against each other in what will be a high-stakes legal battle where not only money, but prestige and reputations, are on the line. There are few people in the Columbia area who have not received medical treatment at either hospital complex or who don’t see doctors affiliated with those hospitals.


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    Hospital wars: Palmetto Health to fight Sisters of Charity $50 million suit

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    In one new Oklahoma City surgical center prices are 1/6 to 1/10 the amount charged by hospitals. Everyone pays the same price for the same procedure. Total charges are often less “than the deductibles on the Obamacare plans.” Patients are not asked: “What insurance do you have?” Real life evidence that “legitimate” pricing is the cure for a sick healthcare system. Please share and help to more here.


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