As an association devoted to supporting independent doctors, we are pleased to announce a new money-saving program we have created with McKesson, the nation’s leading supplier of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, equipment, technology and services, and Healthcare Procurement Solutions. The new partnership, AID-SAVE, incorporates two supply-savings programs and is available to AID members in all 50 states. Through AID-SAVE, you can save – sometimes significantly -- on almost everything you buy for your practice, including medical supplies, office supplies, equipment and much more.                      

SAVE on Everyday Medical Supplies

 Part one of the AID-SAVE program lets you purchase more than two dozen common medical supplies at the best tier of pricing McKesson offers on its brand items. This list provides very competitive pricing on commonly used supplies that are not specialty dependent. This aggressively discounted list is just a starting point. The list will grow. The more you buy of these items, the more opportunities for savings, and the more products we can add.

To start saving, contact your local McKesson account manager, and say you are an AID member. The account manager will then load the attached pricing to your account so you can access savings. If you don’t have a McKesson account manager, please contact Brian Nehr at, or (813) 517-5490, to find a representative in your local market.

Group Purchasing Offers EVEN MORE Savings

Part two of the AID-SAVE program is a collaboration we formed with a group purchasing program that will yield even more savings on over 1.2 million items, including medical supplies, office supplies and equipment. The group purchasing program complements – and does not replace – the McKesson-brand program outlined above.                     

Though savings will vary among medical groups,most practices can expect to save between 15% and 35% on medical supplies alone through the AID-SAVE group purchasing plan. A test we ran for one large specialty group (and AID member) on one month’s worth of medical supplies found the group would save 19.2% under the new program.

To compare pricing or to enroll in this group purchasing opportunity, go to this website 

For questions email or call (770) 953-3026.

To benefit from these savings programs, you must be an AID member in good standing, and ALL the shareholders in your group must be members.These programs are not available outside AID. 



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