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The healthcare industry is lobbying against price transparency


June 22, 2019

Real transparency is the single, first, and most important step toward bringing down healthcare costs and creating a competitive marketplace.

Employed vs independent doctors: Numbers don't tell the whole story

June 5, 2019

Why independence is not a thing of the past. Rather, it is the future of medicine.

physicians, healthcare executives, money, salary

Time to address the widening pay gap between hospital ­execs and physicians

April 19, 2019

The answer to getting more affordable care and better results does not lie in paying doctors less. It lies in paying administrators less, and having a lot fewer of them.

employed physicians, independent physicians, mergers, acquisitions

From employment to independence

February 1, 2019

One medical group’s path to freedom lights the way for others.

Path to transparency isn’t so clear

October 30, 2018

Special interests keep patients in the dark, right where hospitals want them.

facility fees, healthcare, money

Facility fees: the farce everyone pays for

August 16, 2018

Because CMS can’t and Congress won’t get rid of hospital-based facility fees, doctors and patients must take action.

Don’t drink the healthcare consolidation Kool-Aid

July 2, 2018

Don’t be fooled. When mergers occur, patients and physicians lose; executives at the top are the only ones who truly win.

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